Sunday, 27 May 2012

Jeg gikk amok/I went bananas

It was a 30% sale at my local craft-shop. So I bought all these! I heard a rumor that Disney has not renewed their license for cross-stitching, so I bought two Mickey and Minnie kits. Almost finished with one of them too while watching "Glee". And btw, I love glee, its like a musical, and I can sew too it because it is not imperative to watch every second in case you miss anything, and it only last 40 min, which is about all I can take whilst only being occupied with two things. I am a multitasker see. I need to be doing atleast three-four things at the same time or my brain gets bored...

I hae never seen the bunnies before, but I bought both, they are from permin, who we love even though they are expensive. And I finally bought Benjamin bunny, who nothing compares to. My first love and bunny was named after him. He looks adorable. And I am guessing he is the next in line to be made.

On my Wedding sampler cat I have only the backstitching and names left, but OMG I have misplaced the alphabet that came with it. What to do. (especially since I have trouble getting logged on to the cross-stitching forums where I usually get help:( )

Regarding the rabbit. She is fixed and healthy and she is back to loving me now that I don't poke her everyday to check on her stitches. I got a thorough wash yesterday, and all I had to do was sit under the desk for ten minutes.

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Virpi said...

I have heard too that we won't get any Disney themed crafts (at least not new ones) so it is good time to make shopping =D. I like that tablecloth you purchased.