Thursday, 3 May 2012

Spring and Fleamarked season

So this is my current project which is not a secret. All that is left is the backstitching, and since you all know me, I have to force myself to do it.... But it is getting there.

This is Mimle, asleep after a whole day of wreckage. ^^ 

Now, I have been to a fleamarket this weekend, and among the things that followed me home is this lovely breakfast set. Isn't it beautiful? I love it, I have had my friend come over just to drink tea. I may be a bit over the top in love with teapots, of all kinds.

And other than that I am reading a most interesting book. "Wise Women" it is called by Philippa Gregory. I love England. When I am finished with it I think I will make a review just for you.


Naughty Smithereen said...

I'm looking up the book (you know me ;P). Is it "wise women" as you write or have I found the correct one when I find "The wise woman"? I got curious so I thought I'd find a summary of the book. It's different from her typical court-books, isn't it?

Vilje Vanilje said...

I know you:) And you are correct, it is called "The wise women". It is rather different, more like "the Queens fool", but contrary to "the queens fool", there is no sign of the court life at all, which is rather refreshing, I think this is a book which you might borrow some day and like:) Maybe I should have been a librarian too:P