Monday, 18 May 2015

This May


My shawl is finished! I think I want to try to make the border, but we will see. My crochet chevron blanket is slowly chugging along, but I must confess my secret project is dragging a bit behind. Mostly because of this:

We started to make the invitations now because the ones for Finland need to be sent soon, but as soon as those are finished I will continue on that secret project. 
And since I am done knitting that shawl I am going to start a new knitting project, because my secret project has a difficult pattern I need some easy knits in between.

Also this week I have eaten indian food, watched movies with friends, went to a wedding, spoke japanese wit a couple and ate lots of cake and strawberries. Because of the wedding we were rather tired and had a slow cozy constitution day at home, making invitations together.

Bunnies had fun home alone with haycakes and after they got some Basil, which is always a hit, they even got some strawberry-tops, or rather they begged so much I had to give them some strawberry-tops. Mimle was almost up in my face  desperate for some yummies.

I am glad hayracks still counts as a treat and not only those things that are high in sugar. I know when I was little I was not fooled by adult telling me raisins were treats, they were not treats but boring! So I would have none of it.

Mimle will not leave the haycake in it's designated box but is the culprit behind hay everywhere. She drags her cake from one place to another taking some nibbles here and there... Valmin leaves his in the box like a good boy.

Might be fun to eat hayracks for the bunnies, but not so fun for the humans who have to clean up the fun afterwars, maybe that is where the fun lies for my bunnies, being a nuisance. 

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