Thursday, 28 May 2015

Update and other dates

Hi, and hellu

This last week I have made lots of cards, done some knitting. I had a date with my mother, cleaning a bit in the store room and donated some stuff, or rather we filled the car. Some of the things were books I've read but didn't like, some were drapes and things from my dad that I decided I did not need and some were toys and things the last owner left behind when we moved in. I think they were happy. Mum and I ate waffles and bought some table clots, since I might be the worlds biggest klutz it is important to have lots of tablecloths so that I can change every time I spill on them.

Speaking of spilling things. I spilled lemonade on my last knit in progress. My mind just went blank and I had no idea how to fix it and since this was the ONE project were I really splurged on yarn I did not want it to spoil. But a friendly call from a helpline I was told to rinse it in water and lay it down flat to dry. And thankfully it is not sticky, it has not shrunk and all my stitches were still on their needles, so yay me, and yay helpful gurus of all knowledge.

Boyfriend went to Finland and bunnies did not want him to go at all... Me neither I might add, but this time I was smart and did not watch any scary alien programs.

But we had fun at home too, I had friends over for a hobby date. I went for a walk, I ate strawberries and started the knitted pink thing further up. I am already on the back-part, did some more crochet on the dress and ate tacos by myself I watched some shows and listened to the same song for an hour and no one complained. Bunnies even stayed in the same room which is the equivalent of not complaining in rabbit speak.

And now I have made forty invitations, I need boyfriend to write his name and the adresses and I need to make another 35 meny hearts and then I am done.

I am going to the dermatologist tomorrow so we'll see what he says but for now, I am off in the rain to mum and hoping boyfriend has time to sign his name later and then soon there will be invitations on route to everyone.

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