Friday, 20 January 2017

Another Friday, another year

Usually January means I show off some gifts made for Christmas and perhaps some of my own presents, but this year I was very late with the presents partly since I was sick and partly because I am me and I don't make anything easy on myself so I kept adding things and making things not on the list... So there are still about five things on my list to make and I need to get cracking so before I can show off what I am making I need to finish the presents and give them away.

But I did make ten of these little doilies for aunts and mothers, but I still haven't made one for myself...

My mother got three turned into a nice table runner and that is what I am aiming for to make for me. This year as well will be more finishing things and making more things for me, I don't think I finished anything I was making for me last year... Except the sewn skirt my sister-in-law helped me to sew. 
So business as usual then.

I had parties and were with friends and family as one usually does during the holidays, December is my favourite month of the year, there is so much to do sadly is also the saddest month of all, because your anticipations are never completely fulfilled and I get lonely. But that is also business as usual.

I had my grand father's old chair reupholstered.

I have seen lots of TV, (Gilmore Girls, Enterprise, Full House/Fuller house, all the Advent calendars and most of the Christmas movies, husband agrees next year we start Christmas in November) read some books, more on that at a later time and these little trolls have grown fat, well, the one on the right have. Too much Christmas three I think, but the bunnies are happy and if they are happy I can be happy too.

I have some finished I can show though since it is Finished Friday and all. I made my two favourite younger female cousins matching scarfs, my friend *Kio and I designed them and they might be up later at gachastitches.

Valmin for comparison, 
please ignore the stray poo, he forgot to eat it.

Also another friend is having a baby so I am busy crocheting a baby blanket. Babies can never have too many blankets right?

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