Sunday, 29 January 2017

Mimle the little troll

I told you the other day that Mimle almost killed me?

 She is usually a sweet little bun, but sometimes I think she likes to be mischievous, and I am positive she did it on purpose and knew what would happen...
Well, anyway I was lying on the sofa, and wanted to have a sip of water, Mimle was on the sofa too, she ran up to me while I was drinking and nudged the glass so that my full mouth became even fuller. 
I spluttered and coughed and almost drowned myself and the sofa. 

I didn’t feel at all sad that Mimle too got wet. Little stinker. She flicked her feet off the sofa while husband was having a laughing fit… i don’t think I will drink and lie again, not with little miss there anyway, and I had gotten so good and lying and drinking too…

Mimle is not looking apologetic at all.

But it seems we are friends again, however long that will last, she seems to be molting and that usually means she runs when she sees me since I pick her fur and comb her...

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