Friday, 2 September 2011

Once, I made these cards, then I forgot

I have some best-friends, as most fortunate people have. And here are some of the cards I made to some (well actually two) of them.
All my friends love cats, so I made one cat. Because I however am more of a rabbit person. This is Card number one. Remember the Cat-pillow I made? I used the scrap-floss and made a Margaret Sherry cat in a teacup.
And since I have a very nice and craftsy aunt, I am the proud owner of a thing that cuts out shapes of paper. And woe and behold, the kit contained one that made cats, how fortunate.

Another friend another card^^ This time, a cupcake card. She likes to bake. ^^ Not that much to say, except cards are a great way to use up scraps. And it looks so good too.
The chart is from a cross-stitch-a-day-calender.
Oh, and my friend likes purple.

Eeyore, all un-stained and clean. Thank you.

And dear family, today I can't be bothered to write this in norwegian. You can surely understand this English? Good night.

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