Friday, 20 January 2012

Spring Bouquet

I know it is not quite spring. It is still a full on winter here. But I wanted to make this little fellow nonetheless.

Now, I usually love DMC, and this is no exception. I am still young enough to see the holes ( my relatives complained the holes were too small). But I loved the fabric, it was really easy to sew on. And the colours on this. How the different shades of lilac complement each other. I know purple bunnies are few, but the somebunny range look like bunnies none the less, even if they are purple and patched.

The backstitch took me two days. The bunny in one sitting and the flowers in another, very quick by my standards. I usually hate doing the backstitching, but always love the result. I don't know if I have gotten older or wiser or if Somebunny really is a treat and easy to do, but the threads just flew away.

I can honestly say that even though bunnies are my favorite thing in the world, it is not just because of the bunnies that Somebunny to love is my favorite character to make. It is the colours, the expressions, the whimsical patches and plumpness of their little bottoms that makes me love them so. And they do finish quite fast too.

I give this range and this bunny in particular a five stars out of five. ^^

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