Friday, 27 January 2012

Somebunny is collecting flowers

I could not help myself and as soon as the Spring bouquet was done I had to start another little somebunny. She looks so sweet. As you can see I am having fun with the variated thread. (the blue flowers) I am making small progress to be honest, but I blame that on the series we are watching at the moment, twin peaks.... Now watching that show means you have to keep your tongue in one place.

Back to the stitching. This year I have some goals.
And I did not want to tell you my January goals, but since I am more than halfway let me tell you regardless.

This January My goals were:
Finish the little Peter Rabbit: Not done much
Make the pillow: Needs sewing
M Poncho crochet: More than Halfway
My mother's Cloth: Done
G Pot Holder: Done

As you can see none of the little somebunnies are on the list, that is just for extra fun, and I gather instead of the Peter Rabbit one;) But shame on me, that pillow was supposed to be a Christmas Present and it is still not done! This Saturday I am going to have a Wip finishing day. So there.

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