Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas fun

So I am still chugging away at the secret season projects. But there are some I can show you. I have also been busy with the Christmas cards, and I think I am halfway down now. ^^ 
I know I have only one more cross stitched one to go. But here is a card that I don't count as cross stitched, I really liked how this turned out. I gave it a little hanging so that the recipient can hang it about in the entire snowing season. The reason I don't make that many elaborate cards are because most people love getting cards, but throws them out or forgets about them too soon for me to think that there is a point in all the hassle, but some put them up year after year and those are the people that get the full on cross stitch ornaments cards. At least from me.

 I love the secret season, I love making gifts, and since the stress still has not made an appearance I am feeling like this season is still fun, Saturday I bought Christmas tea, and here in the cellar we have been drinking GLØGG for weeks now. The fun.

And here are some gifts, I like them even if they are simple, they are going to a couple which is why they are matching. And coasters are handy I think. I try to make gifts that are usable, but it is not always that easy if I want to cross stitch, knitting and crocheting are much easer to make handy gifts with, too bad I am not yet that skilled that I want to send them to others. But this year I am making something crochet. Four of the same design actually, but since at least two of the recipients read my blog, that particular reveal have to wait until after christmas;)

I am not about to slack off, but to tell you the truth, there are not that many presents left to make, still a lot of finishing off, but I thought all the finishing off would be best left to one day in so that I don't have to schlep my sewing machine about too much;)

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