Monday, 25 November 2013

A hole in the Hol and a workshop

My friend joined me and we drank some Christmas Fizz and then we made a cat each. I have the grey one and she the white. I think they turned out lovely once we found the strength to abandon the instructions, because face it, they were making us more confused.

Now to decide who gets my lovely cat…. I have already started another, as there were 13 in the kit.

Then later the same day bunny helped boyfriend to assemble a Hol from IKEA. And I have no idea how she knew, but she acted like it belonged to her before we even put her stash in. She now has a small house were we are giving out hay. Hopefully she will keep the hay inside the box and not drag it everywhere. Because as you all know hay must be eaten either straight from the bag or from the floor, but if it stays on the floor for too long, it turns inedible soon. But somehow after weeks of being on the floor behind something it turns edible again if there is enough dust in it…. Bunnies.

And here she is hopping out of her table house. Boyfriend's father made the hole for us.

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