Thursday, 5 June 2014

Finishing touches and Henry revisited

My finishes just keep coming. And I haven't started anything new either! Just doing my wips like a good girl.

Let me show you:

 So I finished this card, and I picked up again another card that I never showed you, but I will after it is finished:)

I really like this card, and I know just the person to give it to too. Someone who loves cats. Which is not a spoiler because all my friends love cats and boyfriends family does too.

Here in the basement Mimle is still having fun with her water and flavoring it…  This time it was Oxbows Botanical Hay flavor, and it was really delicious says bunny.
I just vacuumed so I hope it will stay hayless through the day. But I would not put any money on that;)

I also picked up Henry again. That Tudor rose which has a mistake is still bugging me, so I decided to do what I did on the Somebunny rocking horse, just continue somewhere else where there were no mistakes and leave the mistake for another day when I love the piece more because of it's progression.

Henry's cape is almost done now. Then only three more wives to go and a border. Yay. I can do it, I can have it finished this year! 
(please don't make me remember I said that when I fail and panic start some Christmas gifts;) )

 Now, I wonder where I placed all those beads, they were not with the floss:S I am fairly certain that they are in a rabbit container on the bookcase, I am sure I haven't packed them up yet at least so they should still be in the apartment somewhere….

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