Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A little on a lot

I have done lots of different things, but not finished one of them. My goal this week is to finish the page on Henry, which is just where the invisible line is, so I just fill in from up the dress and up to the other lady's arm.

And I have done a little more on this project that I started a little before Christmas, I think I may be halfway now, depends on how large I want the finished item to be. But when I finish I will have another Christmas present. Not quite sure who will receive it, so I can show you this.

I hope it will turn into a table cloth or table runner. The crochet in the back is my bunny blanket, I  have finished another colour on that one, see I told you I have been doing a little on a lot.

And I was a little bored, so I started another granny thing, I have no idea what to turn it into, a scarf, a pillow, a blanket? Anyone have any ideas? It is a lovely little acrylic yarn in nice muted pastels. Not quite sure about the white, but if I only use it a little it might blend in.

And so I have no finishes, a start, and some continuation on some projects. The moving date is looming closer and closer and I feel way over my head… I want to be done with it already because we are at a point where we can't really do anything more until we have the keys to the other place….

Oh, and Mimle has a date planned, with an adorable harlekinish rabbit in July. I hope they will turn into a happy couple. Today she spent ten minutes washing my feet while I was on the computer. She is a sweety-pie.

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