Thursday, 24 July 2014

So hot I have no good title for this post

Yay, I have some finishes, even if they are not complete finished finishes.

Tadah! I finished this! I only need to sew the lower part, but I am looking for its finished companion to see how far up I sewed that one so that they can match. No luck so far. Did I tell you I first found my box of unstarted kits, then my box of Wips, but I have still not found my box of finished objects… This is getting a little bit silly.

And I finished this lovely little thing. Not sure if I want to attach the magnet on the back or give it a string and make it an ornament… Isn't it just like life to have a finished ornament the day after ornament onsdag? And since I am not always very patient I had to show you as soon as it was finished.
The piece is called Mill Hill winter bunnies. I hate beads might I add, it was impossible to get the floss into the white beads even with the appropriate needle, so I had to use only one strand instead of two as was stated in the chart. The red beads were a lot simpler to do since their holes where bigger. 
But it looks good finished none the less, or finished but not finished finished.

Oh, and making Christmas decorations when it so hot it is almost 30 degrees inside does not help making it any less hot btw. Complete humbug. Bunnies will only turn into puddles far away from each other so not much of a photo op.

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