Sunday, 13 July 2014

There is no day like bunday pictures

I still haven't found the box containing my started cross-stitching, I did however find the one with the unstarted kits…. Boyfriend and I agreed that I could start one of the really small ones, like a mouse loft kit. So I did, and the stitching is done, I am busy finishing finishing it now. By hand, since my sewing machine is not yet in the new flat.

Boyfriend said it looked like a self-portrait, not going to tell of whom, but I can say that Mimle was called chubby by the vet;)

Today we have started on putting together an IKEA kitchen cabinet, so there hasn't really been time for much weekendy things, we also put up the TV. So it is getting there.
Something else is also getting there, the bunnies, they can nap face to face now. And their night pen is looking good too, so wanna see some bunny pictures? The bunnies are adorable together and I am very pleased with their space too.

He is healing pretty good, and taking his medicine like a good boy.

Valmin loves cuddles and will turn into a blob when touched, and when we stop he will nudge our hands to continue.

This is how our entry is looking like, at present the bunny room. When finished and furnished they will have roam of the house all day and get to stay here at night. Just in case of fire I want to find them easily.

On top of the Hol is the place to be. Inside the Hol is their litter-tray, the cloth is fastened with some sort of anti-slip-off-fabric, to prevent injury.

Look, they can share a meal!

And cuddles!

And Mimle grooms Valmin, and we got it on camera;)

What do you think of their enclosure?

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