Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tadah, I made a pillow

Since I quite like to finish things (you can't really tell by my long list of wips can you, but I really do like to finish things, I just easily get bored) I sat up all night making this little pillow. I quite like it. And since my sewing machine is still not in the new flat I sewed it all by hand and my arm quite hurts. Moving has turned out to not be too good to my body, I have bruises everywhere, my knee is sore with a huge bruise, I sprained my ankle, my arms are heavy and my back is aching. Rather fun actually, but now I can sit and watch TV and stitch! I also found the box with wips, so no more starts for me:( Too bad as I was enjoying those mini finishes (well, one mine finish).

And our cabinet is looking fuller each day. Look at all the bunnies? Adorable. 

At the moment I am stitching a Permin wall hanging with a rabbit and daffodil that I started quite some time ago, I love stitching this, and I hope I will have it finished soon so that it can be with its pair.
I bought it way back here. An here is where I started from, I don't think I have touched this since I showed you my wips list. 

I will leave you here with some bunny pictures, the bunnies seem to have gotten over their little tiff yesterday, but I am still on edge. Mimle still runs hiding if Valmin is a little rough, but I have spotted them sitting together in a little bunny ball. They are adorable. But it is getting a little hard giving him his meds every six hours, I want at least eight hours solid sleep soon as I am getting cranky.

These pictures are a couple of days old, but they still huddle together like this I just don't want to bother them with taking a picture in case it disturbs their frail peace.

I love my bunnies. I just hope they love each other. I know they love me, because when Valmin was chasing Mimle, she went and hid next to me. I gave her some cuddles and she was happy, happy enough that when Valmin came she stayed so that I could pet them both next to each other.

Look at his poor ear, it is healing though. I hope he won't have a big hole in his ear forever...

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