Saturday, 31 January 2015

My Snowflake Table cloth

 Is getting there.

So as there is only one month left of winter I am hoping to finish this soon. but I am making other things as well so might take me a while. But as soon as I finish something I will upload to for you to see. I think I wan't to start cross-stitching again soon.

This might be a January in years where I haven't started on Christmas presents yet... o.0

It is a little further than this now, but I hope it will last all the way to the edges. The yarn is sadly discontinued. I still have some in gold though. 

I love making things that are in season even of that means the item won't be finished until next time it is in season, oh well. :)
(I need to see if maybe eBay or something has more of this sparkly yarn in this colour because I would love to make one smaller than this too. And perhaps more like a hexagon than a rectangle.)

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