Monday, 23 February 2015

A sign from us

The bunnies and I won this sign at an auction, where all the money would go to neutering some bunnies who were saved and are now awaiting adoption. They still haven't met their goal yet, if my little bosses tell me something else they want from the auctions I might have to obey. All for a good cause;)

And finally, another pair is finished. My cousins boyfriend keeps steeling her wrist warmers so I made him a pair as well. Now I just have to send them.

And yes, I am making one pair for me too. This is the cheap but cosy alpaca yarn from the local co-op next to my mothers house. I hope they will have another yarn sale soon because I am running out of alpaca yarn.

I made myself a bow. Or rather two. I knitted them all by myself, and all I need now is the hairlip to attach to its back and I am good to go. I wonder if some of my hats need bows too. I did use wool so I might as well wear them as extra insulation for my head. ;) But I think the wool is tough enough that the big bow stands on its own so I think wool was the right choice of yarn on this one, even if it did feel a bit wasted.

Oh, and isn't the mug the best ever? I got mine from here, or rather the person who got me this got it from here:) Bunnies cloud watching. I can't wait for summer when the bunnies and I are going to sun bathe on the porch and look at the sky. 
(Possibly under a parasol so I won't get too much sun on me).

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