Friday, 27 February 2015

Late February Accessories

I am finally all better from having a cold for a couple of weeks. So I thought I should blog a little again. When I have a cold my head feels like it is full of cotton and I have a hard time thinking and with a runny nose and clogged sinuses things have hardly moved at all these past few weeks. Boyfriend was only sick for a week, lucky him.

Anyway, I started another wrist warmer from Simply Crochet number 11.
This is the fourth set I am making, and this one I am making just to have a present if I am in dire need one day, plus I loved the pattern, it is really fun.

I am practising making hats as well before I tackle the hat for my cousin and his big head, my head is child sized so no help there. Which is why I am buying yarn and making a hat for boyfriend. Remember the bow I showed you last? I thought it looked good on this hat. I used some wool I had lying around on a 6 hook. The pattern I loosely used was this. Only I increased the size to fit me. I wonder if I am going to add whiskers and eyes. I might. But not today.

This is wrist warmers number 3. Made for me, here I used the same number of starting chains as the pattern suggested, in number 2 and 4 I have added ten chains if memory serves me right....
Simply Crochet magazines is a magazine I highly recommend crocheters, they make lots of modern and stylish clothing that even I can make. I made the first in two weeks and the second in one day so you can say I am back to feeling better.

Before Christmas I splurged on this yarn, it is black with reflector yarn so that the wearer is visible for traffic both from behind and the front. I used the same pattern as the other hat, only this hat is not finished yet because I ran out of yarn. Gluhwurmchen, from Rico, but my mother has kindly said she would check her local yarn shop to see if they have more in stock. (I have no idea how to make the appropriate dots over the letters, sorry.)

Sorry about all the bad pictures, there is not that much light these days and my phone is bad at taking pictures, but I thought better bad pictures in the blog than no blog post right?

Anyway I am feeling better now, so hopefully I can finish that table cloth within February as was my goal. Even if I am feeling a bit fed up with those snowflakes at the moment... The end is in sight so I better just chug along, make a couple each day before I start one of my more interesting and new projects? Might be a good plan.

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