Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday Blues Stripes

 So this past week I have had a cold, with a fever and no brain power at all just walking about like a zombie... I am sick of always catching something and becoming ill and I don't even work in a kindergarten anymore...
But I am starting to feel a bit better now. These past few weeks (yes, weeks, no brainpower remember and all zombie) I have been trying to knit a hat. If I am ever going to finish that awesome hat with beard for my cousin I need to practise making hats. So I went into my stash and found some gifted yarn from my friends family and started knitting, I don't really have anyone to help me so I scratched my head and googled and found out how to properly knit in the round which makes this hat better than the other hat. And as long as there is progress in my skill-level I am happy. :)

And one day boyfriend will have knitted sweaters and vests and I will be able to knit my own socks without having to tell anyone how many pairs I go through in one season, which is ridiculous btw.

Bunnies are more often than not begging to come to the living room to play and I keep letting them. Valmin gets a treat (pellet, hush, don't tell them it is just normal food that they'd get anyway) everytime he hops onto the sofa while we are in it. And Mimle gets a treat everytime Valmin gets one or else she will steal his. 
He is still a bit wary of people and faces, so I guess we just have to invite more people over to help him get over his fears.

I couldn't resist that face and let him into the living room, but now that I am sitting in the kitchen typing away I have Mimle as usual under my chair with Valmin close by. So I guess what he really wanted was attention, or to see if I would open the gate and let them in if he begged. And begging is better than gnawing and thrashing at the gate so I guess that is progress too.

And I am herby done with colds for this season, I refuse to get sick again. So now you know.

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