Friday, 31 March 2017

March Books

This month I read the entire " A Series of Unfortunate Events", The Bell Jar and De Gales hus by Karin Fossum.

A series of unfortunate events,
I saw the movie when it came out, and I loved it, and I remember I read the first book, but I guess I didn't read the rest, and then I saw that Netflix started to show a series about the books, and I watched  it and I loved that too. So I went to my local library and borrowed the first nine books and they ordered the rest of the books from a different library. And I read the books in a hurry, at first the books were small enough that I finished almost a couple a day and then in the end they took a day to read which is why I have counted them as not 13 books but 6.

These books are a captivating read, I genuinely want good things to happen to the main characters and they are facinating as are the things that happen to them. I love how it is written with lots of quirky words and twists and turns in the plot and over the top characters, but in the end, maybe the characters are not so over the top but more human?

I recommend this book to all ages, I don't think intended demographic matters much, if you like something read it and don't care about which isle it is in. After all Harry Potter was a children's book but adults all over the world read those books and loved them. There are gems everywhere so go explore. I try to, both in new genres and in new isles and sometimes I pick out books that look interesting or just randomly when I am at the library. After all they are free to borrow so what do I have to loose?

At first I was sort of miffed because it seemed like the author was not sure how old the baby was, but after a while it was clear that the baby was a genius like her siblings but also was growing, and her words started to mean things.

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, is a book I have read several times, and while I like the mood of the book and understand the protagonist is sick, I just don't like her all that much and sometimes feel like she should just get a grip, which is most unhelpful when someone is battling depression. I just don't feel for her at all. The Bell Jar is a good read if you can read about people who are psychically ill and it does do a good job portraying mental illness.

De gales hus, in my opinion is a far better book, the main people in this book are easier to relate to and I don't want to reach into the book and pound them as I did with the other one. This book is set at a later date without shock therapy but still with lots and lots of pills.
I do think it makes a good sneak peak into the life of someone who is institutionalized and different kinds of mental illnesses, all the characters seem convincingly sick in different ways and I find myself hoping they will get a little bit better, but I somehow still think a few of them might be happier inside the institution.

It is not overly graphic but it does talk about sore topics such as death, suicide and self-harm. I would recommend this book, although  I am not sure it is translated to all that many languages.


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