Friday, 7 April 2017

Friday catchup and finishing things

I am still busy making more of these Lisbon-times from drops for a special lady's birthday this summer, I hope I will finish, the yarn is a bit of a hassle to work with, but it is so fluffy and soft. I am sure the shawl will look beautiful whilst being warm but still light.
Still chugging along on my ripples baby-blanket, little miss E is already born, so I better finish quickly!

And then there is the finish. I gave my friends a Easter egg (well to be honest it was a yellow paper bag with while dots on it, but it was Easter-y) and in it between some candy and a small handlotion was a crochet basket and bunny eggwarmers also from drops. And, I am quite proud, done all by myself, i read the pattern, and then just knitted and I did not make a single (big) mistake! I think it is time to level up on my knitting adventure!

I have been going to our new shiny library and borrowing loads of books, and crocheting a little and chatting to the friendly librarian. I have no idea how many books I've borrowed this month, but quite a few.  Yesterday I was so into the book I was reading that I did not quite go to bed... Oops.

I had my friends over for an Easter-lunch and Christmas dinner and workshop. We decorated eggs, sowed some seeds in decorated milk cartons. I love doing seasonal things.

E and I went to a lecture-thing about Roald Dahl which was very interesting. I am now on the waiting list for his autobiography. 

Oh, and I bought some yarn, I have been quite good lately and not bought a lot, some for specific projects, but this I bought just because. I love the colours.


Jenn said...

Please let me know what you think of ready player one!! My brother keeps going on at me to read it but it takes me so long to read anything now I have a toddler *sighs*

Vilje Vanilje said...

I started with it on audio-book listening to it with my husband, but our free listening time ran out before we heard all of it so I had to borrow it. The version we were listening to was read by Wil Wheaton which I really loved, he was perfect for the audiobook. Maybe try listening if you can't find time to read? Listening can be done while doing other things, like housework chores or crocheting/cross-stitching, hehe.

But yes, I haven't finished but I still recommend it :) I will let you know if I change my mind;)

Jenn said...

I have had a peek at out our library but sadly they don't carry an audio version. Shockingly they only have one copy of the book... so of course there is a huge wait list. will see how much they cost to get from amazon on audio. Have to be careful what I listen to though as small people have big ears and he is just starting to try and copy us lol. Thanks for the suggestion :) how are the bunnies?