Sunday, 20 February 2011

Cats in a pot

Look what I made! Is done :) Potholder for friend. And it is no longer a Christmas present, but a friendship-present. Because I love my friends. Look at the fat cat^^ He looks like a little pig.

So a project I have is to make five pairs of these potholder duos. For my best friends. Some will get granny squares, but I am hoping to make a couple a little more challenging, like maybe some ripples? This cotton yarn is really difficult because the strands separate so the weaving in of the loose ends are killing my arms. But I manage. A little at a time is my motto. One end at a time;) The yellow cat needs a face and ears, but what do you think about its little bow? Should it be a ear-bow like little miss kitty-chan or a neck bow?

1 comment:

E2 said...

I love the bow, but can't decide if it should be on the ear or the neck :P

You reeeally got the hang of crocheting! :D