Saturday, 5 February 2011

New Projects

New project, well newish. It has been going slow, but I am up to 44 squares. All in pink/purple with a little white for emphasis.

Not yet decided on how to arrange them, but as you can see, it will eventually be a blanket. All in pink. Oh, how I am loving this blanket. More an more for each square. And as you can see my granny squares are a lot alike. Some colour combinations have been used six times! No to make it look random but still consistent.... I will have to make several tries. But I still think the numbers of squares have to be doubled. What do you think? It measures approximately 40x60 cm I am guessing.....

It might turn out as a future baby-blanket for my kid or if I can make enough squares a blanket just for me. Haha. I have a button on the first. I tend to get fed up easily. Which is why it has been on hiatus for six months.... Found it when my other baby alpaca blanket was almost done. Then that blanket was hurriedly done so that I could focus on this blanket. Me a fickle? No? ;)

And this is the most wonderful yarn ever, Viking Alpaca super something.
I love it. Just one and a half square and it is done. I was doing Lucy's joining as you go, but I failed... Better luck next time, nee?

And btw, boys can use pink too. Pink/Red was a boy colour before you know, and blue were for girls.

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