Saturday, 12 February 2011

Don't stop me now! I am having such a good time!

Happy mothers day, and valentines day.
In advance. I like being in advance.
Today me and my friend started doing quilting. We made two blocks of hearts and started on another. ^^

Hopefully we will continue learning very fast and soon make pretty things. Now the things I make are not so pretty, but I am a beginner as Yaguchi-san says.

It is the season. I made this. When it is finished it will be a mothers day present. I think she will like it, especially because she is not the keenest sewer.

And hey, it is my first try. A bit crooked but nonetheless a pretty little heart. The red fabric was wonderful hearty. The colour is spot on.

Almost all the fabric we used are curtesy of my friends mom who is the best quilter in the country. (In my opinion)
We used paper as well. It was so much fun! And I only argued a little bit with my sewing machine! I used to think machines hated me, but now I know different.

The blog is called sentimental bunny. I am making a truly sentimental bunny today. The flowery fabric is something my mom and I made years and years ago, in 1997. It was a table cloth, and then it sat on my rabbits cage. Where my dear little rascal flexed his teeth on it. There are several holes where you can see his little teeth marks. I have tried to use the fabric so that I can see the marks. I love that little bunny. So, a sentimental piece. The yellow fabric was something I once bought. I have had this dream about being able to use a sewing machine and sew for years, but it was too hard. But look at me now! Yiihaa.


E2 said...

Nice going!

I was thinking about arguing a bit with my old sewing machine today too^^

Hanne said...

Så flinke dere har vært :-)