Saturday, 5 February 2011

My cross stitching lately

My birthday present. I love this, it is a gorjuss kit, and even though there are too many different whites it is lovely. :)
LOVE the rabbit.

Christmas present for next year, bought it on a sale and have not started, since I have never made a table cloth before I am a little anxious about starting.

Owls. Guess for whom? I just had to make them, they are so adorable. Don't know what to do about them when done either, any suggestions?

The boyfriend bunnies. I love them, they are a somebunny to love kit and was supposed to be done by Christmas, but I hope to have it ready by Valentines. Ganbare?

Eskimo Kiss, I even love the name^^ Oh to be in love with just some words:p I am so wonky.

Speaking of being in love. This is my newest love. I sooo want her.

Please I have been really good this year?

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