Friday, 18 January 2013

My current BIG WIP

So, this is how far I had gotten on "Henry the eight and his six wives" yesterday. One leg down.
I have been thinking I want to stitch this one grid at the time, to minimize mistakes. And I have a goal, to make 100 stitches a day, which I feel at the moment is manageable.

Last night bunny-chan really wanted cuddles right before I went to bed, I gave her a little and then opted for bribery so that I could leave the room without much fuss. She got herself stuck in the remnants of her tunnel in the search for alfalfa hay.

Luckily I was there to help her out of it (after I took these pictures) and removed the toy from her cage. Guess this toy is now only for supervised fun.

As of this nights session "Anne of Cleves" is also begun. Now that I have started this kit I want to read Philippa Gregory's books again. Does anyone know if the movie of Anne Boleyn is any fun?
 It might be a bit more contemporary to watch whilst stitching this particular piece than Charmed. ( I am btw almost done with season 2). The Tudors might fit too, and I have that series on DVD, so my goal with this stitch is to finish at the same time that I have watched all of Charmed and The Tudors. Think it is possible?


SandZ said...

Your bunny is adorable :0) x

Vilje Vanilje said...

I know:) We love her lots:)