Sunday, 27 January 2013


Today I want to share with you a tip. Most of you may already do this, but Istad is half price to the ones I found at the supermarket and bigger too.
 Now, I realized that in the moving process some of my charts or bits of floss got lost, so I have bought lots of plastic bags from IKEA ( who is my friend) I bought the big ones (15x6L and 15x4,5L) and they fit most projects just fine. I have now promptly sealed away all my wips and put them in a box next to the sofa for next WISP Sunday.
And being see through you know what is inside without opening them, and because they are re-sealable (is that a word?) dirt cannot penetrate it. Istad:

This is Henry all tucked away waiting for WISP Sunday to be over so that he can be sewn on again.

And here is gorjuss bunny, safely packed away until I find the right frame and can frame her, and somebunny who is waiting for me not to be mad at her and finding my mistake so that we can continue our relationship.

Whilst at IKEA I also bought this frame and framed minnie and mickey for my boyfriend.

 I started something new, but I have not been naughty I promise, because 1: It is part of my WISP collection and today is WISP sunday. 2: And I have a finish. I bought this kit ages ago, and had only just opened it, so I decided to start it properly. I wonder if this is one I will keep for myself or not....

This, is definitely for me, could you tell that it was for me? It has a bunny so it must be for me:

A bit later I will continue on a secret WISP, which I will give to one of my friends next christmas. I said it, so I have to keep to it now. 

Bunny has been sleeping inside her box all day with small interior-decorating breaks so I have been unable to paparazzi a picture. 

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