Sunday, 20 January 2013

I am human and I need to be loved

I framed "Somebunny to love collecting flowers" from waaaay back here: and backstitching here:

To be honest, the framing was a nightmare, and I sort of cheated, but only because this frame was one of my flea-marked finds and I love love love it.... 
Even if it was a bit broken at the back so I had to duct-tape the entire thing.  Even if it doesn't fit with the rest of my "Somebunny to love" framings. Even though it might have looked better with a more romantic picture in it, I love it just the way it is.
But all is well that ends well. 
( since the duct-tape is no where near the piece I think I am safe regarding aging and glue etc)

Boyfriend tried to eat an apple today. Here is what frantically ensued:

 ....a bit later we saw bunny running under the sofa with a piece looking stuck in her throat, scared she had actually stuck the apple somewhere, we moved the sofa and saw: bunny happily munching away.... sigh.

Oh, and look. I am even further now, and my 100 stitched aday goal is currently not too much, hope I can show you a bit more of their dresses soon. Or should I go all the way to the right before I start sewing upwards? Haven't really gotten the hang of bigger kits yet...
I want to finish one of the wifes this month. Think it is too much? Oh, and isn't this particular kit suppose to come with beads? Because mine didn't? I have sent an email to DMC but I have not gotten a reply yet. (been three days already though)

I am now at season 3 in charmed.... can not say I look forward to the last episode in season three though because we all know what happens then.... :(
(the title today is from the Charmed theme song, which as you can probably tell is stuck in my head at the moment, that and all of Tuuli's songs. Got her CD for Christmas and am loving it. Maybe I'll show you a song next time?)

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