Sunday, 13 January 2013

I & U, Du och Jag Alfred

 From the secret-season revealed: One other Christmas present for a friend!
I forgot to take a picture before I gave it away. But when I went to visit my friend she had put the picture up so I ninja-snapped a picture to show you. I adore this design, so cute.
It is this japanese idol group by the name of W. ( Pronounced Double U.) On the left ( in the real picture) there is Kago Ai and on the right is Tsuji Nozomi. (in the cross-stitch it is opposite) My friend and I loved them, and one year even cosplayed as them. Sadly now the group is disbanded and both girls are now married with children. Anyway, this is my first own design, but I could not show it because I really wanted it to be a surprise and if I had shown the design she would have known it was for her.
 I made them deliberately as Kokeshi-dolls because my friend has a thing for kokeshi-dolls. 
(if anyone is interested in the design I'll put it up)

 On Friday, I had some friends over, and one of them helped me to grid my new big project. My first real big project. Can you guess which piece it is? It is from DMC, but that is all the hints you'll get;) As of Saturday, this is how far I got.

This is today, but I hope to make a lot more on it before I'll call it the night,

On Saturday bunny I and I was home alone and she sat on the sofa for a bit letting me pet her, whilst I sewed and watched Charmed. The entire Charmed boxset was a gift from boyfriend and I love it so much I saw ten episodes in a day.

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