Sunday, 3 February 2013

Second Wisp

I made a mothers-day card for my mother, and mistakenly thought mothers-day was today so frantically tried to finish in time for the friday post, but soon realized (my mother told me) that mothers day in Norway is not for another week. Oops, oh, well, I got it finished, didn't I? Never mind that the card is written in past tense, Happy mothers day and all that. (this was a freebie from wocs 199)
 Now, Look, the angel is only missing it's feet, and then only two more angels to go, at this rate I should be done in a month:) (this kit has some weird things, apparently I am supposed to do something called cording which I have no idea what is or how to do)

I Have made some progress on Henry, but not much, I get bored of the colours constantly and I try to fill it in towards the border. I have started on three of his wives now. I have had some friends over for a stitch and soup. It was very cozy, although we didn't get much done.... Hehe.

A bunny Ball. She is sleeping a lot lately, I am guessing it is the weather and the early mornings. We have to get up by nine, or she is furious, preferably by eight or even seven would be best says bunny. She likes a bit of a morning run before cuddles on the sofa and if the mornings start too late she has no time for exercises. 

Boyfriend was eating an apple and someone came to "help" eat it up.
Oh oh, I am so exited, because on my stitching forum I have joined an easter exchange!! I will make a rabbit card and send some chocholate. YAY! I have decided on the pattern, but am thinking of buying some sparkly fabric first..... Decisions, decisions.


Naughty Smithereen said...

Cording and how to do it:

Hope it helps :)

E2 said...

I did cording on the cross stitch for my mum, I can explain it to you on skype one day ^^

Vilje Vanilje said...

Thank you both, if I have trouble when I am doing it and the step by step provided by Naughty Smithereen does not help I will rely on you E2. Where on your moms piece was the cording?

Virpi said...

No we did not see the ghost at Nidarosdomen but one of the travellers was locked inside of the bus and the busdriver went home to sleep =D.