Monday, 18 February 2013

Late, gomen nee

Sorry I did not post on sunday, but our computer died a bit and I am having a bit of trouble uploading pictures from my ipad... Just one will have to suffice.

I am in an easter exchange on my cross stitching forum, inicially I wanted to make a bit more complex pattern, but then I remembered I saw this beauty in CrossStitcher celebration magazine. I made the egg myself using variagated floss. I am quite pleased with this card:) Tomorrow it will be sent of in the mail along some norwegian chocolate. I have even been so good and not eaten any of it.

On a Henry note I have been stitching a bit but not 100 today. Most days around 200, so I am happy and can allow myself one day off.

In my course I am a bit stumped, because on the death of the computer we lost our cd player, and I need it to finish my next chapter.... But I am loving it.

Oh, oh, and in three to four weeks MY computer will arrive on the door. I can't wait. I have been so good saving. We bought extra disks too.

Another news I have subscribed to one cross stitch magazine, I love getting things in the post, which may be the main reason I went into this easter exchange:) Suprise Parcels are the best! 

Mimle is really molting. I found fur on the insides of my glasses and hay in my hair yesterday, but things like that make me the happiest in the world. Can you tell I am happy today?

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