Sunday, 24 February 2013

What, is it sunday again?

Did I tell you the bunny was molting? Hehe. All over my cross stitch. :) But I prefer that over her hopping into my lap and stealing floss or chewing on the chart. (the main reason my charts are in see- through-plastic)

 And, look at bunnys castle? She loves these boxes, the Panduro one is full of grass. This is were she spends a lot of her interior decorating time. 

 See, she has made the floor of her box all smooth with extra shavings to sleep in.

From the top.

 I have not done a single stitch on my WISP projects yet, but I have done a lot on Henry. The page is almost done too.. 

 Oh, oh, my chocolate was delicious! Look what it says on the wrapper... Did they hurt any bunnies or horses in the making of this chocolate? And thank god, this product is vegetarian, because who wants meat in their chocolate?????
 Hello; says edible rabbit before I turned him over so I could eat him. I did not have the heart to let him look at me while I devoured him.

Last update picture of the day. I am going to go and start something new, because that particulate project has a to do date somewhere in the near future. By saying this at the end of my blog I am hoping no one will notice me being naughty.

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