Sunday, 22 March 2015

Accessorizing the season

I am sorry about jinxing everything. Yesterday I said it was springtime, but today it snowed all day... So I guess I was wrong.  I don't feel too bad about making those hats now, fitting the season and all. I had made the decision to take a break on that snowflake table cloth until it started snowing again so I might just have to start on it and actually finishing this season because of the snow and all. 

Here I am knitting a second hat. I am starting to get a hang of this hat business. Yay progress, although it takes forever making in comparison to my crochet skills. But I do remember I used to be really slow at that in the beginning too so there is room for improvement.

Here is the scarf I started yesterday in the same pattern as the last one, and I have high hopes this one will be long enough to wrap a couple of times around the neck and I am making it all for me.

I have made a few flowers too for my secret project. I need more pink in different shades I think, so it might not turn out to be cheaper than real flowers in the end, but it is more fun and less stressful.
If anyone wants to join in and make some for me let me know. 

I was going to show you this thing that I made the other day, but as I said it started snowing and I couldn't take pictures outside. Can anyone guess what I have made?

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