Monday, 16 March 2015

New playthings

I visited mom this weekend, and her local yarn and haberdashery shop is going out of business so we went a bit bananas. we bought mainly yarn and table cloths though, all things bought with a purpose in mind.
The yarn was 40 % off and everything else up to 70 %, there was not that much left so we went home with things that had a plan to turn into something soon.

All in all 14 skeins of yarn, and ten of them on sale, I think the total turned into, we had bought yarn in another store first, but when we saw the sale we had to buy some more...
Two Mandarin crochet yarn, one grey and one purple  ( I plan to make table a grey runner that match one I bought at a flea market last year and some advent ones)
Two Sandnes Kitten Mohair in pink (I have plans to make a a shawl or two)
One blue glowworm lucile yarn from Rico. (making a hat for boyfriend)
Sandnes Mandarin medi and petit two green and two blue (going to knit wash cloths for Christmas I think, mum bought some too so we will make them together)
Dale baby yarn green  (will turn into leaves I hope)
Trysil Natur pink (will make into flowers)
Trysil Natur Green (leaves)
Trysil akrylgarn green (more leaves)
Trysil Alpha green (even more leaves)

But I did buy some cross stitch supplies too, Permin is usually really expensive so I hoarded a little. Since I know a lot of people who I know would love a finished picture and even some who would like a picture to make for themselves I thought it was safe to buy four of the small ones.
Mum bought the big table runner and I will make it for her.
I also bought some red bellpulls, but I didn't take a picture of those.

We went through some of mums yarn stash and found some almost finished items and lots of yarn, I got these two little things. Mohair from the 80's I guess and a really yellow thing that I hope will turn into something easter-y.

We also found some of my very first yarn, a gift from my aunt and uncle on my ninth birthday, I was not a very avid knitter, but I did manage to make this little thing.
I think there are at least three skeins left of this yarn. Maybe it is about time I made something of it. But at least I can say I have improved. I rarely loose a stitch anymore so that is something;)

Oh, and boyfriend and I picked up my old doll house. It needs a new coat of paint, but I think it looks good here. Bunnies seemed to approve;)

I think my craft-books might live in this, but we will see. I remember when dad made this, it was taller than me. (at least after he added another floor to it). I loved my house, it was awesome, I still think it is, but boyfriend says it can stay only because I promised to have useful things in it and no dolls... I wonder where my barbies are...

The bunny on top was a gift from my old job, she has lived on top of the dollhouse ever since, she looks like me which is why I got it I think. I love her too.

I need to glue the ladder as well, because it came off some time ago and used to be on the first floor so now no one can get up to the second floor. But I will wait until I have painted it to attach it to it's proper place.

The doll house will stay white so that it won't take up too much visual space in our sitting room, also if my barbies ever decide to move in they might not find their furniture if I paint it pink like 6 year old me wants since all of my barbies furniture is pink...

Valmin have been playing with the house all day hopping in and out of the first floor, I wonder if he will ever venture up to the second?


YowlYY said...

I can see that the bunnies will love it! You can have the ground and first floor for the bunnies - when the ramp is fixed, unless they're like mine who will happily hop on it! - and the last floor for your crafts supplies or books? Just make sure BF fixes it to the wall, so it doesn't tip over ;-)

Vilje Vanilje said...

I have just painted it, the bunnies will have to find something else to play with. Or maybe I will leave one room for Valmin to explore in. His new trick is to hop onto the sofa when there are people sitting there :O He is getting to be so brave!

But thank you for the suggestion, but I think we need the house to house my supplies so that the sofa is free for binkies and cuddles.