Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Triple Tuesday Tunes

So C-ute just released their triple single and I love all songs on it.

I have out the songs in order of how I love them most.

I give this 9 out of 10
Chisato looks great here, but poor Nacky, her skirt looks awkward. The rapping part is great in this song, not ill-fitting like it usually does in an H-P release, but I guess that is because a rapper made that part of the song.

8,5 out of 10
I have no idea what they put Chisato in this time, but the other look great... Everyone talks about how Airi looks like she dyed her her lighter, which it does look like she has...

8 out of 10
The Tsunku song, I like Tsunku and I wish I liked his song best, but I don't, it is still good and the pv is good, they look like office ladies, all adult-like and all.

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