Friday, 5 June 2015

Making a dent

Well, so my dermatologist confirmed what we all thought. And I have a new strict regime of medicine, creams, skin care and diet. No sun, which is bad news for my vitamin D insufficiency... But I'll manage, hopefully I'll look and feel better soon. Or at least within four months when when I am done with the medicines for now.

Here is a picture of the finished shawl that still after blocking, ironing and fussing with  still won't lay flat, but I like the border it got. And you know I made this in the hopes of stash busting that light pink yarn, I ended up buying two skeins of the multi-coloured one (and using up both) but did not make a dent in the intended light pink yarn... Oh well, so much for stash busting, at least in the end I did not end up with more yarn just a finished item.
(Same picture as last time because it sort of still looks the same ten centimeters on)

Oh, and my secret dress ( I have never made a big garment before that needs to fit so it is a good thing I started to make one now for a special occasion with a lot riding on looking good. :P /sarcasm) is now 40 cm long, and is, according to the pattern done, but since the yarn is not that stretchy I am making it a bit longer before I start on the bust and back.
The jacket I am knitting is still on the backside, but I think I'll finish that soon and then we will see if I understand the rest of the pattern, in the series of a first of everything.

Valmin is a blur these days as he is always out and about doing important bunny things. And for some reason, he wants to dig on one particular part of our living room floor. Too bad it is hardwood and he is not making a dent in it. And I just trimmed his nails so he doesn't have much digging tools anymore anyway, but he still keeps busy.

Speaking of tools. we finally went through dad's old tools. we kept some and handed some over to my cousin the carpenter as a way of paying for all his help with our move and stuff. 
(I have a picture on boyfriends phone, but he is asleep, which I should be too, so you'll have to wait for tomorrow.)
This is all the stuff he got, we kept one large box and two boxes will be sent to recycling.

Mimle is also busy these days. busy using her ears, and if I move the slightest she is by my feet or in my lap looking for a treat. I have no idea why she does this because she does not get treats more than 4/10 times she does that. But maybe she is just bad at math. Or she is trying to make a dent in my resolve to not give treats more than I am giving treats. Or she just hopes I am bad at math. Which I am.

anyway, I am off to bed, wish me luck with actually getting to sleep as my nose feels like someone filled it with cotton and I can't seem to use it much these days...

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