Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My moneys worth

My friend was amazed that I finished ripping the border and re-making it in just two days and I realized that the pictures might just lie. The blanket is tiny. It measures just 58x47 cm and would fit snuggly on top of a pram or something. I am not that fast a crocheter. Although I have improved my speed thankfully;)

Now, after that little clarification I wanted to share my next project, since the buntings have finished and I might be a bit of a masochist I decided to start another project to finish within my deadline, which is the same as the crochet dress and knitted jacket. Yes, I am crazy, so my Maybelle flowers squares are now my travel project only.
The colour is a deep purple, kind of like an aubergine, but it is called dark heather and is from Sandnes garn again.

I got this far in two days, and lo and behold, I had made an error. And had to rip out a good ten-fifteen rows... Thankfully I am now up to where I was yesterday. So it doesn't feel like a total failure, and it looks a lot better now that my error has been removed.... The pattern alternates between single crochet (double crochet in the UK) and double crochet (treble in the UK) and I had missed a row of singles and it showed.

Look at that mess! I almost didn't frog it, but in the end I had to, it just looked so wrong.
But as my friend says, when you do the work twice you get twice as much fun out of the yarn and twice as much on your moneys worth... I am not convinced.

Valmin and Mimle smell something in the kitchen and they want some!

Boyfriends parents gave us their harvest of Basil and Parsley. The bunnies got a little taste. I wonder how long I can keep them alive, me with my not so green fingers......

We bought some film and put on our windows in the bedroom and now it looks as if we have frosted glass. It was really easy, cheap and now no one can see through our windows, but the light still comes through. Clas Ohlson really is our friend. Now, why didn't we do this sooner?
 Granted now that we have this on our windows and can have the window open more the weather has turned grey and rainy, but that wasn't my fault, really.

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