Friday, 3 July 2015

Photo an hour

Today my friend *Kio and I went on another excursion to buy some yarn and we had decided that we were going to take a picture every hour on that day and blog about it. This is my day:
I woke up and played some tapped out on my iPad before taking a shower at ten, but I am not showing a picture of that, so here is a screen cap of my game. 

Before I left I made sure the bunnies had a pillow cover fresh from the freezer with a bottle of ice and some fresh water. Mimle was not impressed. Hot, but not impressed.

At twelve, this is me waiting for the bus.

I met up with my friend and we waited for the next bus. We were wearing the same bag although in different colours. 

First order of business was the yarn! I bought a bit more for my dress, just in case, and some purple for boyfriend. I also found some variegated crochet yarn for my mother from aunt Lydia. Look at the awesome yarnbombing outside of the store! 
I think this store might be my favorite yarnstore, it was rather big and had lots of different yarn and  accessories, *Kio bought some cute knitting accessories.

At two o´clock we had wandered around some more stores and looked at clothes and other essentials and gave my glasses to the optician to put in the new glasses so hopefully I can see better soon, by this time it was time to eat. We shared a baguette from Burger King.

Look at the little bunny drops I saw in a store at three o´clock. I was tempted to buy but decided against it. We have too many of these around the house as it is.

Around four and we are looking at our haul, we just went into Søstrene Grene and bought lots of yarn. Remember my Maybelle squares? I decided I wanted a bigger blanket than my ten skeins of yarn would turn into so I bought more. *Kio also went a little ballistic, but it is important to have something to do when on vacation, no?

It is always five o´clock somewhere right? We stopped for some ice cream. When I was younger I always had my Soft Ice with just chocolate, but then my cousin ate hers with both sprinkles and chocolate and I was amazed and ever since I have eaten mine the same way. The funny thing is, she now eats hers with chocolate;)

Six, and I am standing guard over our bags while my friend is using the toilet. Just before this I bought more shampoo and conditioner from Lush as I was almost out and a not very needed but on sale, half off, bunny lamp. The only unnecessary purchase I think.

While walking to the bus we discovered some eggs on the sidewalk. After a brief discussion we decided someone was testing to see if the eggs would fry because of the heat.  (25 °C, says
It hadn't worked, I think it would have worked better if they had left the eggs on the pavement instead of on the manhole, but that is just me....

Waiting for the bus, still at around seven.

On the bus, still at seven, but look at the water trapped inside the glass? It was rather entertaining to watch as the bus caused it to ripple.

Almost home and saying hello to my neighbours. All horses had some net thing over their eyes, I guess because of the insects... Look at my huge shadow carrying all those bags, even with my two bags I brought from home I had to buy plastic ones since my stuff would not fit... But hey, you only get your summer bonus once a year right? Might as well buy some yarn.

My haul. I bought some hats to keep the sun away from my face, a fanny pack, lots of yarn, one dress, one light jacket for summer, two sleeveless shirts, soap, lenses, a pink button, glass wipes, and a wooden box for our bedroom dresser. I want to paint one blue stripe on it... 
Oh, and the bunny lamp, which was not on my list, but still very essential. I hope that too will fit on the dresser;)

Eight and dinner. I had banana on mine.

Mimle could smell my banana and demanded a piece.

Nine and I was watching "Åndenes makt Sweden",  a funny show about ghost and mediums removing them from peoples houses. I can't watch things like that when boyfriend is home because he huffs and puffs all through the episodes and frankly I would rather have a couple of banana begging bunnies jumping up and down the sofa. Less distracting.

Ten and I am crocheting. The new colours are slightly different than the older ones, but since all will have white squares around it does not matter I think.

Eleven and bunny and I are getting tired, but boyfriend is still not home and we want to show off our buys!

Oh skit, we forgot the clothes we washed, around nine so at twelve we hung them up. Still no boyfriend, but he said he is on the way home now... So I guess I can go to bed soon, but no more pictures because at one I will be in bed whether he is home or not!

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