Sunday, 19 July 2015

Ima wa

I haven't really done much on my dress, which is a shame, because I love it, and it isn't so warm anymore that I can use that as an excuse to keep it hidden... But on the other hand, the vest is coming along nicely. The pattern is an absolute nightmare which I think is mainly because I use a different type of yarn and have no idea how a proper vest jacket is supposed to look like... But that is the beauty of crochet, I can always tweak it a little in the end. which is so my plan for this.
The front, one side is almost finished I think, since this picture I ripped out all the way down to my stick marker on the right side to decrease on both sides because I think that would look better...
But I do kind of like it...

The back looks good, too bad that it is about ten cm too small. But I can either build on it or rip it up and start again when the sides are finished and it is easier to see how it should look.

Boyfriend has glasses now, he looks a bit smart, somehow both older and younger than before, we are almost used to him looking like this now.

Mimle is my sweatheart and even keeps me company for a little while on the sofa while I crochet these days, although here she is busy beeing in the way while I try to photograph my crochet. It is like she is telling me to take a picture of her too! So I did, it is important to do as the bunny master tell you...

Both bunnies have started another molting period and there is fur flying everywhere, there is such an production of loose fur that it seems so futile to vacuum because an hour later it looks the same. The spot these two are loafing on is now almost white!

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