Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Ripping and cracking

On the subject of my vest I ripped a lot more off. I have redone the back, but it isn't quite finished.... Here is where it was. Instead of decreasing on the back I decided it would look better just straight up so that is what I am doing these days.

The front is basically finished, just need to attach the buttons and iron and stretch it, I really hope it stretches, because at the moment I worry that it slants a bit too much and that I somewhere have too taunt stitches.... Cross your fingers for me, because I DO NOT want to do the sides AGAIN. So far I have done the back two times and both fronts two and a half times each and the first half one and a half time... 
 I hope the back finishes up soon. I want to start something new, but I am being adamant. 

So for now these two are helping me to keep me awake because my deadline on this vest is Friday and I must get cracking. See you.

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