Saturday, 14 November 2015

Finished Friday Saturday Post

I have another two finishes, I finished two star lap-blanket, the ones with the green tones were finished on Friday and ironed and taking pictures before it got dark, but then I had company over which is why this post is a bit late, but lets pretend it is still Friday.

They measure about 90 cm from point to point.

They are mostly made from scrap yarn, but the last round used about a whole skein of yarn so I needed to buy some inexspensive yarn.

The white and blue one weighs 346 grams and the green and red one is 360. I also measured the blanket I finished last week. which weighs 808 grams and the alpaca blanket I made last year which is rather big only weighs 973 grams.

Here you can see the blankets on top of each other in comparison. This summer I made the first star blanket, which took a lot longer because it was thinner yarn, but these took about a week each. 

This Monday was very scary because both bunnies needed their teeth trimmed, Valmin also had some ear-gunk. But they both came home in one piece, albeit a bit shaky and grumpy, Valmin failed at jumping up into the sofa and had to eat his pellets on the floor, Mimle however failed at eating her pellets all together which was scary, she wanted pellets, but left them on the floor. Luckily she ate rocket, basil, CC and treats, but only when I wasn't looking. And she gave us a rather pitiful pile of poo on the outside of the litterbox because she couldn't jump into it. It is awful to watch animals recover after a vet visit.

Mimle handled it worse than Valmin, she was cold and generally felt icky most of the day, whilst Valmin was out of the carrier first thing and scoffed down his CC like a pro. Mimle poor girl was not happy, but the next day both bunnies were fine.

As I said I had friends over yesterday, we ate Tacos and watched Cat movies, first we started with "The cat returns", then "Aristocats", then "Whisperer of the heart", we should have had CATS the musical, hehe.

In the morning the bunnies were bed bunnies and not the usual sofa bunnies and they had lots of fun jumping up and down.
Ah, to be a bunny and feel joy in the smallest of things.

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