Friday, 20 November 2015

Friday again and finishes again

 I know these past few weeks I have only showed off finishes, but most of the stuff I am making needs to be a semi-secret thing since the recipients might be reading;)

But anyway I have two finishes! I made two sitting pads for some cousins for Christmas, they have a dog so I hope they take a lot of walks;)
But in either case they could be used when waiting for the bus in the cold and take very little space so can be taken everywhere.
 I used mostly leftover yarn about four balls each.

And I have started making some ornaments, but you will see that on Wednesday as that is the ornament day;) Hopefully I will have made a few more and perhaps other shapes too? These are sort of like stocking fillers for sudden presents or for people I don't have time to make a big thing for.

I have also started another hat, yes, I am knitting, and yes, it is still Tristan for garnstudio:p
I might branch out later into other hat patterns.
And yes, it might not be for Christmas, since it barely fits me, but I will make M model and see, if it fits him I can give it away to some male relative for Christmas. I know I make lots of presents, this year I counted 25, but this Christmas we will be celebrating with a lot of extended family, so I am looking forward to that.

It started to become more winter and less autumn these days and these guys are telling me it is a bit chilly;) Inside is a cosy 19 degrees but these buys are spoiled, I prefer a toasty 20-21:P 22 is too hot and I do wear wool inside as well.

M and I are having a pizza today, looking forward to it, but I need to get started before it is too late, and hopefully we will watch Walking Dead.

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