Sunday, 29 November 2015

While we wait

Advent is here.
Today we light the first candle.

We opted for LED candles this year, but it is cozy none the less.

I've spent some days at my mothers house in preparation for her birthday party we did some de-cluttering and decorating and in the process found a chest full of table cloths but also a lot of half finished projects, my mother gifted me some of them so that I could finish. I got three cross-stitch kits, one almost half done, and one two thirds of a knitted sock and some yarn.

I finished the sock, she even had knitted all the way down past the tricky heel.
I hope she will feel inspired and finish some of the projects still in her chest.
 I know I shouldn't be on my high horse since I still haven't finished sock number two, but mine is progressing a bit, I am at the start of the heel;)

I finished the socks!
I should finish some of my things first.... but I am cross stitching the lady and her cat. >.<
But December is not even here yet, so I have loads of time still?

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