Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Lots of trees turning into sixty

First off I want to say Happy birthday to my mother, and we look forward to celebrating you next weekend. Hope you will like your present.

I promised to show some ornaments, these trees were super fast and simple, I used thick embroidery wool I already had but were not going to embroider with anytime soon to make these. One skein made about two trees, but some skeins were started so some trees ended up being a little bit creative. I started making these thinking I needed lots of green but then I thought if the recipients wanted to hang their trees on their tree they would be invisible so I made some in other Christmassy colours. And I really like the colour combinations. These days my colour appreciations have been growing, I actually like green now:O

I made another ornament, this one for my friend who loves owls:)
I think they might get a tree garland as well.
The plan was to make some hearts, snowflakes and stars as well, but I got so into making those trees that I just couldn't stop, I made 27 already, but I am keeping some so we will se if it will be only tree garlands or something else as well. Still plenty of time before Christmas!

In my ongoing knitting adventure I am still making hats for Christmas, only three to go, one of which I will crochet, the lonely sock will hopefully have its mate in time for the holidays and the yarn I bought when my mothers local yarn store went out of business is finally started and will become some wash cloths for Christmas.

I think I need to actually finish some of those presents soon if I am going to have time to make about ten more;)

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