Friday, 1 January 2016

2016, this year

Happy new year!
M and I have had a slow day today, watching the Sherlock special and playing katamari forever. (thanks E2 and D too)

I finished another pair of wrist warmers, but still not doing what I should be doing. I hope this year I will be better at doing things on a schedule and not at the last minute.
Also I want to cross stitch more.
Continue on my knitting adventure and actually finishing my knitting jacket.
Finish more things.
Making presents for everyone.
Trying to make patterns from my own head.
Making clothing for myself.
And swimming once a week and being more social and doing more things!
Let's hope this year is better for everyone and that everyone is kinder, happier and more forgiving and I hope my bunnies will be happy and healthy and not too skimpy on the kisses!

Let's go 2016.

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