Thursday, 21 January 2016

Enabler, although I was not too hard to convince!

My friend and I had a cofee-date and she suggested to meet at the shopping centre so that I could buy some yarn, my goal was to not buy so much yarn this year and not any in January. but I heard through the grapewine that this awesome torcouise was swapped into another so my willpower was wearng thin and then fading completely when my other friend asked me to stop by the store and look for yarn for her.... I was strong, and only bought a little. Two colourfull ones that are going out, but I have no idea what project, yet, another green to finish a leftover green from my hats and some new yarn for a new project! 

The grey yarn will turn into a shorts for me hopefully.... Maybe under my skirts when it is almost twenty minus outside, since it is wool. And now I won't buy anymore until next May when I am making baby things. Fingers crossed, unless there is a sale!


Brenna said...

Who's the lucky baby?

Vilje Vanilje said...

One of M's friends ;)