Sunday, 24 January 2016

Happy bunday

I am still not feeling well, so no progress on the skirt, I have been lying on the sofa watching TV with M most of the weekend, feeling sorry for myself and wondering just how much snot one person can really produce.... (we have now watched all of X-files and are ready for the new season! Which we are really exited about.)  

Bunnies have not been idle, they got a new fort the other day and M made entrances to it and it is now the best thing EVER. Mimle is busy making her home just right, while Valmin was trying to have a nap inisde the fort, he gave up and went to sleep somewhere else.

Later they got some salat and this is a good shot by M.

But they can share sometimes. Mimle was grooming Valmin here but alas we didn't get any tongue action here....

I am hoping I'll get better really soon because I have things to do and places to be and lots of Dexter to see. (still on season 4, but I have finished Roswell which was fine and started on the new season of Bones on Netflix).

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