Thursday, 14 January 2016

Still skirting

Still doing my skirt, I am now about halfway I think. It is warm and good on my lap while I work on it which is excellent because outside was minus 17 this morning and inside was only plus 17, so I spent quite a while drinking and holding my tea before my hands were warm enough to move, serves me right for waking up at four in the morning, right?

Bunnies were thrilled that I took out my grandparents old wooden thing to photograph the skirt, I thought it would look good for comparison.
Valmin chinned it....

....then Mimle chinned it....
And now I am not quite sure who owns it anymore.

Well at least I am making progress.
But honestly I would much rather be making a nice big WARM blanket in wool, but that is just how January is right? Maybe a new start is in order, I mean I have been meaning to make a baby blanket soon. Or I should dig out an old WISP blanket? 

In the mean time I think I will do a little more on this blanket  skirt.

1 comment:

Brenna said...

Bunnies have some sort of reverse Tag, eh?
I will forgive you your lack of ornament onsdag, since I really like your grandparents wooden thing as well. Maybe I can play Tag with the bunnies too?