Sunday, 22 May 2011

Oh how the cards fly by

I made cards. Three cards in a week. And one that is almost done. No make that two, Fizzy Moon, and Love cats. Need to make another wedding-card too. But these weddings are not until next year, but since I have the time and stash, why not do them now? So long as I don't have to rush:P

This is Kiri, she came as a freebie in a magazine. And I made her, not quite sure what to use it for, but now I have a card that can easily be a birthday card or whatever.

Tried french knots, they were altogether unsuccessful but I don't think you can tell on this crappy photo ( which is the main reason I did not bother to take out the real camera and stayed with the mobile phone one).

Here is the other card. Another freebie. This can also be given to anyone for any occasion. But I like making things and then storing them for the day when suddenly someone is in the hospital, a birthday forgotten or well anything really.

These cards are really plain, but the card that I spent the most time on, the card I am most happy with. The card I sewed and stitched and glued together. I cannot show that and spoil it. It is after all a surprise birthday-card (well, at least the design is a surprise). And I love it. Thoroughly. It looks delightful, and the best part? All made from scraps and things laying about the house. I knew my mother told me to save everything for a reason. Same reason I think is to why my grandmother's button collection is still alive and thriving. I inherited some of them, with fabric still attached.

The wedding card that is almost done: I need some paper. I think, that this time, I am going to the scapbook store in town and buy something that fits. And make a dashing card. That way these two wedding-cards I have to make don't look too similar. Since the bride and grooms are friends, and the card I made last year too, those people are also friends. So I need to make them look equally good but different. I do love a challenge. And getting those creative juices flowing.

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